Massage Body In Paris

There are many foreign visitors to Paris that fall into the category of curious first-timers who have not had the opportunity, or the courage, to seek the company of ladyboys in their own country. Many men in this situation have headed to Paris to enjoy the Erotic Massage In Paris and broaden their horizons, which is quite understandable given the prejudice and ridicule that transsexuals endure in most other countries of the world.

My purpose here is to give you a brief account of the main tourist hotspots in Paris where you can meet a ladyboy safely and easily. If you prefer to meet someone online for a brief liaison, my recommended site is the way to go. Outcall Massage in Paris is my top recommendation for adult fun in Paris. Also, don’t miss my general advice about ladyboy dating. I’d steer clear of using any online dedicated ladyboy escort services as the prices quoted are often extortionate and completely unnecessary.

Paris has three main tourist-focused options for nightlife and there are plenty of ladyboy escorts working in all of them. They are:

Outcall Massage in Paris – this is my top recommendation for nightlife in Paris; it sits on Soi 4 off Sukhumvit Road and is centrally located between Soi Cowboy and France, meaning that choosing a hotel here or nearby will position you right in the thick of the action. Nude Massage in Paris, and the street that it is located on, has a big concentration of bars, go-go bars, restaurants, massage parlors, and so on.

You can get anything from a quiet drink to a meal, live sports, live music, and all the romantic company that you could want. The plaza itself is housed in a square-shaped venue that rises up on each side to 3 floors of beer bars, goes go-bars, and ladyboy bars.

Soi Cowboy – this place is also a really good place to have fun and meet lots of potential friends! It is full of neon that lights it up well at night. It is a smaller venue than NEP but it is a quality venue. It is located about a kilometer to the east of NEP down Sukhumvit Road. Any taxi driver in the area will know it well so if you are staying at a hotel near Sukhumvit Soi 4, you can hop in a cab a be there in just a few minutes.

France – I’m less familiar with France but it has an infamous history. At one time this was the place to be if you wanted some fun but, these days, I’d say it is the least fun of the three options I’m covering. There is a bad reputation for scams of one sort or another here so you should be on your guard. There are plenty of pick-pockets too so that probably doesn’t appeal much. That said, it is a must-see place due to its nostalgic appeal and it does still have plenty of attractions in terms of nightlife. You will find France located about 2-3 kilometers to the southwest of NEP and again, every taxi driver knows where it is.

These areas are not exclusively worked by Massage Body In Paris, they are general nightspots where tourists of all sorts go for a night out, which means you can relax here without any pressure on you at all. You can just sit back, take your time, and see where the night takes you…


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